The goal of Technical Committee on Green Communications and Computing (TCGCC), IEEE Communications Society,  is to provide a platform for its members, and the whole research, development, standardization, and service community of energy- and/or resource- efficient and/or environment-sustainable communications, computing, and relevant systems, to interact and exchange technical ideas, to identify major research and development challenges, and to collaborate and investigate solutions in the development of energy-sustainable, resource-saving, and environment-friendly green communications and computing technologies. The areas this committee addresses are quite inter-disciplinary due to the inherent nature of the relevant green topics. This committee not only addresses greening communications, computing, and relevant systems but also investigate using communications, computing, and relevant systems to achieve green objectives for the sustainable world.

The research fields covered by this technical committee include all aspects of green communications and computing related research and development issues. The committee sponsors and promotes technical publications, conferences, symposia, workshops, tutorials, student activities, standardizations, and other related activities in the areas of green communications, computing, and relevant systems. The committee also assumes proactive duty to nominate suitable candidates for the IEEE Communications Society (ComSoc) and IEEE awards, propose distinguished lecturer candidates, endorse deserving candidates for the election to IEEE Senior Member and Fellow grade, and make contributions to standards in an organized form.

TCGCC has created several new initiatives in IEEE and IEEE ComSoc. TCGCC is the first

  • in IEEE to propose IEEE Green Transaction/Journal, IEEE JSAC Green Series, IEEE Communications Magazine Green Series in 2012
  • in IEEE ComSoc to creatively establish Special Interest Group (SIG) in March 2012
  • in IEEE ComSoc to creatively build close collaboration between journals and technical committee in July 2020
  • in IEEE ComSoc to creatively establish half-day (or one-day) seminar series since August 2020

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