Membership&Mailing List

Joining TCGCC is free and simple

Step 1: send membership application with your information (name, affiliation, email) and relevant research background
Step 2: subscribe to the official TCGCC mailing list
Step 3 (if needed):  you can post messages to the mailing list


  • Free memberhship: Anyone can be a member of the Technical Committee on Green Communications and Computing (TCGCC). The membership is free and open for anyone.
  • How to join: you may send a message about your membership application to TCGCC Membership Board with email address In the message, the applicant should show: relevant interests or backgrounds, affiliation with the located country, email address to be used for subscription to the official mailing list
  • Maintain: To maintain your TCGCC membership, the official TCGCC member must subscribe to and maintain in the official TCGCC mailing list

Membership Benefits

Please click to get information about membership benefits: IEEE ComSoc TCGCC introduction, activities and benefits

  • To get nominated to join the editorial board of journals annually (e.g., TGCN).
  • To get nominated to ComSoc Distinguished Lecturer annually
  • To participate seminars organized by TCGCC
  • To get recognized in career with TCGCC distinguished awards
  • To network with technical experts in related fields
  • To contribute and be involved in the technical activities in TCGCC
  • To post messages to the TCGCC mailing list
  • To get endorsement when applying for IEEE Senior Member or IEEE Fellow or society awards

Mailing List

Social  Communities

After joining TCGCC, you are invited to participate online/social communities. A number of online social communities have been established for discussions among TCGCC Members and people who have interest in the relevant issues to green communications and computing:

Main Social Group

Sub-area Social Groups