SIG on Green Digital Twin Network

Chair Wen Sun Northwestern Polytechnical University, China
Vice-Chair Cristina Alcaraz University of Malaga, Spain
Vice-Chair Sokol Kosta Aalborg University, Denmark
Vice-Chair Francesco Flammini Mälardalen University, Sweden
Vice-Chair Walid Saad Virginia Tech, USA

Scope and Objectives

  • New computing and communication architecture for green digital twin networks
  • New scalable and resilient digital twin networks
  • Decentralized and collaborative AI/ML models for digital twins networks
  • Low power communication for green digital twin network
  • Green computing-communication platform in digital twin network
  • Energy-efficient resource allocation/management for digital twin networks
  • Blockchain for decentralized management of digital twin networks
  • Applications of digital twin networks in Metaverse
  • Energy-efficient applications and testbeds of digital twin networks
  • Green softwarization and virtualization technologies for digital twin networks